February 14, 2011

The Things I See...

You would be surprised at some of the amazing things that are seen during home inspections. As a very busy home inspector I have had the opportunity to see over a thousand homes…and just when thought I have seen it all something new surprises me!

There are the usual and obvious finds during a home inspection such as broken windows or missing gutter down spouts that are seen. Then there are the unexpected and almost laughable finds a home inspector can discover.

I have seen the most amazing foundation breaks and large cracks…even saw a river running under a house one time! I have discovered, on more than one occasion, roof rafters, floor joist and support beams being supported by a car jacks!

My nose knows the smell of mold…and trust me I have seen some mold! I once found mushrooms growing on carpet and granite counter tops with huge circles of black thick mold! I once even threw up on an inspection because of the amount of mold…oh that was not fun at all! The fun and inventive ways people have tried to stop leaks have been fun to see…but when they can’t fix the leaks in the roof they like to put pots…and sometimes kiddy pools in the attic just to catch the leaks!

Oh…the crazy things some homeowners will do! Some of the repairs that unqualified homeowners make can make a home inspector’s head spin! I will never forget the electrical meter I once saw installed along the interior of a bedroom…you will have to be on very good terms with that meter reader! Some homeowners think it is okay to jam as many wires into a breaker as possible…once saw a breaker with six circuit wires jammed into it!

I am always amazed what I see on home inspections. I LOVE my job...I just never know what I will see next! Take a look at the video slide-show of just a few of the amazing inspections pictures from some of my inspections.

Have you had your home inspected lately?

Joshua Roberts

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Father Maurer said...

I think my favorite photos were near the end with the plethora of wires coming out of the wall and the small pool underneath the house (was that fish swimming there?!?).