February 7, 2011

Ghost on Main Street...

We have all experienced it at some time in our lives…perhaps it was an uneasy feeling you had at some point in a home…or something you saw out of the corner of your eye…or you just get the feeling there is something not quite right. I have the opportunity to be in and inspect hundreds of home each year and as a home inspector sometimes to experience unexplained uneasy feelings in some homes.

There are many items and systems the inspector reports on during the course of the home inspection. However, there are some things the inspector just cannot report on. This is the tale of just some of those items you can’t put in an inspection report….

It was a beautiful day in the town of Morton, WA. with a clear blue sky and the sun shining bright on the hot August afternoon. A very full day laid ahead of me with my schedule packed with several inspections throughout Lewis County and had begun with an uneventful morning inspection.

The inspection began in just the same way all the others had…I arrived early to find a vacant one and half story little home along Main Street. The agent had met me there and opened the door then returned to her car to work on some paperwork while I completed the inspection. The buyer was to arrive later during the inspection due to his work schedule.

I entered the older nineteen-thirty’s style home and began the inspection of the interior. I enjoyed being able to inspect the home alone and uninterrupted…but soon, during the inspection of the old little bathroom something had caught the corner of my eye.  A dark shadow of sorts, just off the right side of my eyes. The shadow had made me stop and come back into the hallway just to look around into the living room then into the kitchen…nothing.  I returned to the evaluation of the home…with my ears on high alert.

Moving from room to room, suddenly I found myself startled and stunned when walking into the kitchen only to find the exterior kitchen door and some of the cabinet doors left wide open. I specifically had recalled closing each one of them a little while earlier. I suddenly was frozen in my tracks when the sounds of footsteps could be heard walking across the floor above. A cold shutter went through my body as the hairs of my arms and legs raised…a sudden temperature drop in the room was obviously felt and my heart began to race.  Bravely I called out,   “Nancy, is that you?”  Looking out the kitchen window only to find her sitting in her car, talking on her phone. The sound of a slamming door from upstairs jolted my attention to the ceiling above me.

Realizing I was somehow, potentially not alone in the home…all I really wanted to do was leave! Immediately leaving the house and returning to my van in order to regain my composure and knowing full well I had to go back in and complete my duty…I said a little prayer…put a Rosary in my pocket and went back to work. Other odd things that I just am unable to explain continued throughout the remainder of the inspection…but you will have to wait for the book for that!

I completed the inspection…met with the potential buyer and left as soon as I possibly could! As a home inspector, what do or would you say about possible paranormal activity in a home? Of course there may be some rational explanation for everything…but for now I am calling this experience just...freaky! I drive by this house every time I am in Morton…the hair on my arms and back of my neck stand up each and every time!  

"Do Not Be Afraid."
Joshua Roberts

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