January 26, 2011

What to Expect....

Let’s start blogging! Don’t except too much now…I don’t even know what to expect and it’s my blog…or should I say Monologues? Welcome to the Inspection Monologues!!

For those of you who have had the fortune of being with me during a home inspection, then you may already know that I provide my clients with so much useful information, facts and interesting stories during the home inspection…think of the Inspection Monologues as the same thing!

The Inspection Monologues will share with you some of the funny and interesting home inspection and real estate related experiences. Trust me…there are some VERY interesting and amazing home inspection stories! You never know…YOU may have been involved in one of them! Don’t worry…all the names, dates and locations will be changed in order to protect the innocent…and/or…not so innocent!

It is my goal to use the Inspection Monologues as a tool to share, with you, valuable home inspection & real estate facts, trends and information! I will also include helpful preventative home maintenance tips and tricks to help you care for and maintain your home. I will also include some pictures and useful videos in some of the monologue posts.

As the Inspection Monologues progresses, I will ask guest expert “Monologuers” (bloggers) to join the discussion and share with us some of their monologues too! I am so lucky to have access to hundreds of other WIN Home Inspectors across the nation that are also able to lend their wisdom and knowledge the discussion. Be looking forward to them as well!

Being semi new to the world of blogging, the Inspection Monologues will develop over time. There will become a regular “feel” to the site…it will be easy to follow along and join in the monologues at anytime.  I am anticipating some regular scheduled monologue posts mixed with some other random monologue posts here and there! Discussions, comments and helpful feedback are welcome at any point…I would ask that criticism and general “not so nice” comments be directed to me privately...Thanks!

The best form of flattery that I can get from you…the readers of the Inspection Monologues…is for you to share the monologues with someone you know. If you should enjoy the Inspection Monologues PLEASE pass them along to everyone you know!

So… thank you for taking the time to stop by and read the very first monologue post for the Inspection Monologues...be sure to Subscribe to the Inspection Monologues, Follow the Inspection Monologues …and of course…Share the Inspection Monologues with someone today!

Stay Safe!

Joshua Roberts
Inspection Monologues

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Jeff said...

Looking forward to following your Inspection Monologues!